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The Full Story

Why the Butterfly?

     For about a year, I worked on the vision and creation of my business brand design concept. My first month in massage school was when I discovered that I wanted to learn more about, and eventually work in my industry, with trauma. The almost immediate and transformative feelings I felt for myself with massage and my own personal trauma was what lead to my association with the butterfly.


      In a simplistic description, the butterfly has always been labeled with change and transformation. And the reason for that simplicity is because the butterfly starts as a caterpillar, forms into a chrysalis, and transforms into a beautiful winged insect; completely changed and different from the start. But if you dig even deeper, under the surface, and review each life cycle of the symbolic insect, it will reveal various depths to its representation. 


The Caterpillar

The caterpillar is soft, tiny natured and quite graceful. Have you ever seen one slowly moving about on a branch? It seems to take its time, but slow change and slow moves lead to lasting reality. A caterpillar reveals something about your willingness to let go of the past. It cannot grow in its current form. They must bravely shed their former body; which is a great inner trust driven by natural gut instincts. In nature, they treasure what nourishes them and will not release it without good cause. Which often times, we as humans will hold onto things just as the same, with much gusto and passion. But a caterpillar will let go when it needs to, to protect itself, which many of us can use as a learning tool. Being stuck and stagnant in life, refusing to let go, will always prohibit our growth. 

The Crysalis

The crysalis, or cocoon, is the next stage of the coming transformative butterfly. The internal solitude, the quiet place, safe from the outside world to allow for shedding of old pieces of the soul and the transformation to a new being. Just like the caterpillar, who seeks inward space to change, we humans also require an inward space to reflect on our lives and learn how to adapt to new things in order to grow. We grow not just mentally and emotionally, but physically and spiritually as well. 


The Emerge

When the butterfly emerges, feelings of great joy and beauty step forward out from the slow progression of the life cycle. The butterfly unfolds from its coccon with full wings ready to fly, with a new outlook and fresh mind. It is larger, stronger, aware with clarity, full of light and air, color and grace than it originated. 

"embrace the change...FLY"

My colors of my logo I decided to use and the name SOLACE, circle around the sun. The sun gives warmth, it helps nourish all living things; body and soul, and it provides strength with positive emotions. The sun is the life force behind creation and it is a guide of an immense light so we do not get lost in what is deemed life. The sun is a true life force. 


The Moral
"you do not just wake up and become the butterfly, growth is a process"

     Like this versatile insect, people are in one stage or another of the life cycle of the symbolic butterfly. Some of us are the caterpillar looking to begin a change in our lives. Some of us are already accepting the change and reverting inward into our coccon to work on ourselves. Some of us are ready to emerge beginning to fly. 

     In my practice I look to offer massage and bodywork that aides the transforming client in their stages; slowing down the mind so the growth of the body happens calmer at the pace of the caterpillar with grace. I offer in my practice a coccon space of sensory vitality to aide my transforming clients with a comfort space to grow and keep safe from the outside world. I provide in my practice a positive affirmation of growth, beauty and acceptance of the new wings aquired when their emergenced has been reached. 

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