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I am not just....

a licensed Massage Therapist, I am also a creative artist. Most of my life, (if not all), I have been and still am, a creative individual on many levels. The strongest skill set I am is a photographer. But I have dabbled into the world of marketing, advertising, graphic design, commercial branding, pet photography, macro floral photography, and on occasion I will color in coloring books with Prisma pencils. 

I learned a coping mechanism as a child, that escaping into a world of quiet when surrounded by too much "noise", was a safe place for me. Coloring books and my Crayola crayons were my best friend; especially when I laid on the floor near my German Shepard, (Cindy). Between her and my coloring books, I was able to find my safe place of silence and protection from trauma that was happening around me. 

To this day, art and animals, are still my

go to for a safe coping mechanism. 


There is lots to look it, please scroll and I hope you enjoy my artistic expression. All Floral images are available to be purchased in print. Inquire if you are interested. 

The Animals that made me smile....

Petcha Photography 

The Flowers that made me happy....

Floral pints are available to order

All photographs are copyright to Tina Camacho LMT, RMT

Animal Photographs are copyright to Petcha Photography by Tina Camacho (formally Quatroni)

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