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The Trauma Toolbox

Trauma is what I specialize in bodywork. Trauma can relate to PTSD, Anxiety & Panic Disorders, Mild to Moderate Depression, Stress, Domestic & Sexual Abuse, and much more. Many things, from childhood to adulthood, can cause traumatic issues that can sit in the brain and body for decades. This toolbox is a list of things I have tried and used in my own personal growth that might aide you through your own journey to wellness and can be added to your own personal toolbox of restoring your being.  

Disclaimer: These suggestions are not medical advice or medical treatment. Please speak with your licensed primary care doctor and/or licensed clinical mental health care practitioner for diagnosing, treatment, or any other clinical or medical care and needs. 


Build a Trauma Care Kit

There are many things we can use that are tangible and offer relief from anxiety and trauma. 

  • Expressive Art like coloring and photography

  • Soft Cuddly Stuffed Things

  • Fuzzy warm blanket

  • Objects interesting to hold and look at. 

  • Inspirational Books to read

  • Puzzle and problem solving games

  • Pictures of nature, pets, and safe people you trust

  • A journal you can write in to help you process your mind

  • Supplies for home yoga

  • Meditative music

  • Essential oils like Lavender, Chamomile, Vetiver, Rose, and  Frankincense to be diffused for smell. 

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