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My Background


I moved from New York and relocated to Connecticut.


It is peaceful, calming, with warm and friendly neighbors, and an enriched and welcoming community.  It was foreign at first, because when you suffer trauma throughout your life, new things can seem challenging when starting over. 

After graduating massage school, (and experiencing such a deep connection of mental, emotional, spirtual and physical growth), I instinctually knew what my calling was to be as a bodyworker. I specialize in trauma and anxiety with my clients.


I profoundly discovered peace, serenity, and a sense of beingness becoming a massage therapist. 

I come from a history of working with people, from being an EMT in my earlier life in New York, to working in a corporate environment for over 20 years in a utility company. I was also a premier canine photographer who was published in various magazines, and my work has been featured on many advertising campaigns and brands.

Later in my life, I discovered massage and the internal growth I personally achieved with my own coping through trauma, and it was profound. 

I graduated from Cortiva Institute with high honors, and became licensed in the state of Connecticut. Since graduation, I decided to embark on the journey of furthering my education to work with clients that suffer through trauma. 

To be INFORMED puts another before the self.


In order to become certified trauma informed, I have taken classes for certification with various amazing neuroscience and Ph.D., facilitators over the course of a few years. I became certified as a Trauma Informed Professional, which means I have the education of how to facilitate an environment for clients that is for their individual needs. I am also a Reiki Master who specializes in Interoceptive Reiki. 

Being trauma informed does not mean diagnosing or treating a client. What it does mean is that I am educated in trauma and how it has affected a person. I am more aware and mindful of trauma with my clients. My office and practice is an environment that is created for comfort, safety, trust building, and always empowering you.


Your voice is your choice and it is validated in my office. 

My Approach

Every massage therapist has a unique style.

We all go to school to learn the basics and as we grow and emerge in class, we begin to develop who we are as therapists and who we wish to become as therapists.


My focus is trauma and my massage style is slower and broader strokes as to NOT bring further trauma to the body and instead allow the body to do it's actual job of healing itself. I prefer to use flat hands and forearms with my strokes, and will deepen the pressure in areas where needed or when a client requests, but I will not engage the muscle in a harsh way or a traumatic way. The body is built by design to naturally work itself out, but we must be in a state of calm and relaxation in order for the body to fully do it's job. 

The room environment is sensory based in order to facilitate soothing of color, smells, and sounds that are comforting to you. Interoception work is incorporated when needed for clients that need assistance in sensing in the body. Breathwork is engaged when needed for a client. Every aspect of my practice is trauma informed based so you are validated with your individual bodywork needs. 

If you are seeking a different style of massage, I have a network of therapists that I will gladly refer you to. 

The goal is to be connected to your therapist that is right for you!  


She believed she could, so she did. 

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