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Effect of massage in postmenopausal women with insomnia – A pilot study

This study was conducted in 2011, and as a women enduring the journey currently with menopause, I can relate with and identify with how bodywork can be so effective for women coping and dealing through this life changing event.

"Nearly 80% of women going through menopause experience some kind of clinical symptom and in 40% of cases the symptoms are sufficiently intense to lead the patient to seek medical assistance.1 The most common symptoms are vasomotor instability, nervousness, anxiety, irritability, depression and insomnia, all significantly detrimental to well-being. Insomnia is highly prevalent and affects between 28% and 63% of postmenopausal women. The search for complementary therapies is increasing, massage therapy being among these.'

12 years since this pilot study and we still do not have an avenue of connection in the United States for mental health/Health care and alternative therapies.

Take the time to read the study for yourself:

Have you had some relief with your peri/post menopausal symptoms by the use of bodywork sessions?

  • Yes I have

  • No I haven't

  • I have not thought to try that

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