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SOLACE massage LLC

Trauma Informed Bodywork
restoring balance to the mind and body connection

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Tina M Camacho (formally Quatroni)

Life Empowerment Advocate,



My goal as your massage therapist is to provide for you a safe environment, relaxation, re-balancing for your body and mind, education on how you can take tools of self care and add them to your personal toolbox and assist you with reclaiming your inner and outer well-being.



SOMA Massage

I had a great session with Tina! She’s very professional and makes you feel super comfortable . The massage was relaxing and done so well. I even bought a candle and a soap which turned out to be really good . I would highly recommend Tina :)


Tina is amazing, I left feeling refreshed mentally and physically. I will definitely be coming back and recommending to anyone I know :)

- C.S

Being my first massage, I was very unsure of what to expect but Tina took the time to explain the process and what to expect. The entire experience was great and very calming. I’m so glad I chose Tina as my MT!


Tina is amazing! You feel like a million dollars after she is done ! Can’t wait for my next one


I had an amazing time and it was extremely relaxing! The environment was so conductive to a therapeutic opportunity that I would go back again and again! The services were handled in an extremely professional manner and the therapist handle things in an extremely clinical manner which gave me a whole new perspective on bodywork!



Tina is the most patient therapist with a real love and understanding of her clients unique needs. She sets the mood for the most relaxing experience in a safe and calming atmosphere. She is licensed in massage with a wide range of relaxing therapies and holistic treatments. I highly recommend SOLACE massage!


Tina goes far above the standard to make her clients feel comfortable. Her work goes above and beyond to really give you not only a relaxing experience, but one that is honestly spiritually, mentally, and physically improving to you. I can't wait to go back! Highly recommended, 5 Stars!


Tina is amazing. She is intuitive and researched my issues formulating a specific therapy for me. This entailed communication back and forth; hours of research before my initial appointment. I was not disappointed, her technique was perfect and specific to me!


Tina is more than a massage therapist. She is an intuitive, a comic, a great listener and Wonder Woman. Easily the most holistically therapeutic massage I have ever received!


Tina was great! She's very knowledgeable about massage and reiki, and her space is beautiful and relaxing. Highly recommend.


Tina is not only a great massage therapist but she’s a wonderful caring person. I had a 90 min massage and she was sure to ask me if there was to little pressure or if she needed to apply more. She made me feel extremely comfortable and I felt like a new person after. Scheduling another. Her space is also very inviting, clean, organized, and serene.


Tina is amazing. Super knowledgeable, compassionate,caring and she listens. She's invested in me as her client and truly wants to help me achieve better health. Tina is not just mastering her craft but committed to my overall health, mind, body and soul. If I could give infinite stars I would!! Thank you Tina, you are a blessing!!


Tina has constructed such a unique practice specializing in a combination of trauma-focused care, energy healing and massage therapy. The atmosphere, thoughtfully created by her, supports a positive sensory experience; engaging my senses in ways that are specific to me.  She offers an array of scents, sounds and visuals that aid in whole new level of relaxation I have not experienced anywhere else. She is also very attuned to my needs and brings special attention to creating a sense of safety for me. I normally schedule an hour of massage followed by an hour of reiki, this combined service is so unique that I travel from my home over an hour away.  It is truly a beautiful experience for me.  I leave feeling very relaxed and very “tended to”.  Tina is truly skilled, knowledgeable and authentic in the specialized care she offers. I would recommend her to anyone who has a history of trauma that has impeded their ability to experience the therapeutic value of massage as part of a much needed self-care practice.

--Janice, Enfield, CT

What can I say about a massage that was so much more than just a massage. Prior to the pandemic I had received many massages. I came in, they got my knots out, and I left. Nothing more nothing less. This was totally different! Tina took time at the beginning to access where I was and talk to me about what I wanted. The massage on the table was wonderful, but what made it even better was the care she took in explaining what she was doing, and making sure I was okay and comfortable with it. Not only accessing my physical comfort, but my mental comfort as well. Her office is very welcoming with plenty of things to focus on which helped me stay grounded. I chose her because she was trauma informed which was not something I had ever experienced with a massage person. While the others might have given a good massage, Tina did that and so much more. After one session with her I was able to release trauma that had been in my body for years. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, I feel she is going to help set me free. Free not only from the knots in my body, but also free from the trauma in my body. I am so excited that I found Tina and that she can help me on this journey
My experience was very relaxing! Tina has a kind soul that shines through her work.


Tina is incredibly professional, skilled, and customizes the session to exactly what you need. Highly recommend!

-Michelle B.

-Client (safe anonymity)


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Milford, Connecticut

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