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Massage Therapy for Anxiety and Depression by R. Maryam Lempke

I am a passionate advocate in this subject matter. I will strive to see an addition to this industry, as well as a better acceptance, that we as bodyworkers can be a collective part of the mental health and wellness of others thru touch and trauma informed care.

This capstone essay I am sharing today was done by a Doctorate of Nursing at UMASS.

“Background: Massage therapy is a proven method for reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression as evidenced through literature review. However, the practice of complementary and integrative modalities (CIM), such as massage, is uncommon within psychiatric care. This leaves a gap in practice in the psychiatric setting. Purpose: The capstone quality improvement project addressed the identified gap by providing education on massage therapy to mental health providers and clients, and by increasing massage accessibility and use in the outpatient psychiatric setting by providing education on performing self-massage.” quoted from the abstract by R.Maryam Lempke.

This file is public and no fee was paid. Click here to find online.

Massage Therapy for Anxiety and Depression
Download PDF • 841KB

Has massage positively reduced your anxiety or depression?

  • YES

  • NO

  • Not sure

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